Transmission no longer meets.  It still lives in the lives of the people who were enriched, challenged, and encouraged by its common life.  As a seed falls on the ground and dies in order to give new life, so too Tranmission has died, but others go foward.  The mission has been Transferred!

This Website will come down at the beginning of 2017

an emergent liturgical community in NYC

Creative Worship

Join us for unique worship services drawn directly from the community. We are not afraid to mix new ideas with old traditions in exploring ways to commune with each other and with the divine. Take a look through some of our past rituals.

An Emergent Church

Transmission welcomes everyone from all backgrounds to participate in innovative community-based worship and loving Christian fellowship.

Transmission was founded on the basis that we all are equal before God and each have gifts to bring to worship. Many of us with spiritual yearning beyond what we find in traditional church structures find a home here. Read more about us.

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